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Black Gold Pet Food
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Black Gold Premium Dog Foods Natural High Quality Ingredients Made In the USA 

The best dry kibble premium dog food in the world.
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black gold the best dog food in the world Guaranteed!

Providing Nutritional Premium Pet Food for Your Hard Working - Hard Playing Dog!

Our dog food success formula is simple, start with scientific canine nutrition, - provide premium, high quality ingredients to make a food that your dog can digest and will love to eat.

Black Gold Dog Food is a premium high performance dog food formulated by pet food professionals. Made of selected high quality natural wholesome and healthy ingredients with vitamins and minerals - Black Gold Dog Food is for all types of dogs, in all life stages – puppies, adults, seniors, pets, couch potatoes and athletes. Black Gold Pet Foods not only meet - but exceed - the nutrition levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

Black Gold Premium Dog Food is a completely balanced wholesome pet food for your dog (or cat) providing a healthy nutritional - highly digestible - natural diet. Black Gold Pet Food products are always 100% complete and balanced nutrition.

Classified as “Ultimate” Black Gold newest series of products are the ultimate in quality, ingredients, & performance. Your dogs can now realize their maximum potential with the gluten free Ultimate blends – grain free or corn wheat soy free .

You can trust us. You will find Black Gold to be nutritionally the same every time. State of the art quality control and high-grade ingredients assure that every bag every time is nutritionally consistent; however; you might notice kibble color changes. Why? We don’t use artificial coloring in our food.

Black Gold Dog Food has proven to be highly effective for appearance enhancement, proper conditioning, feeding economy and kennel stool control. That means proper muscle development as well as a shiny coat. As dog lovers and experienced dog owners , the folks at Black Gold know that the condition of a dog is frequently a reflection of the dog’s overall health.

Black Gold Dog Food good for your dog’s health and it tastes good. Black Gold Dog Food is a pet food with excellent palatability “ Dogs Love Black Gold! ” It has been reported numerous times that dogs will eagerly eat Black Gold when they won’t eat other brands of dry dog food.

Many brands of dry dog foods have similar ingredient labels. AAFCO guidelines do not require however, that the grade of ingredients be listed. The key to making premium dog foods like Black Gold is to start with natural top-grade ingredients and then properly process them. Correct cooking temperature and cool-down time, a process called "gelatinization" is the key to proper processing.

Black Gold dog foods are premium quality at a very reasonable price. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Quality and consistency comes from fixed formulations of ingredients for exact nutrition in every bag - Guaranteed. If you or your pet are not completely satisfied, for any reason, with any Black Gold Dog Food product, we will give you a 100% refund or replacement product.

Dogs Love Us People Trust Us - but don't just take our word for it check out what these people say:

"First off just love your guys’ product and will never buy another type of dog food."

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 Satisfied customer Matthew Shedd, Pickens, SC
Thanks again for making the best dog food on the market!

Matthew Shedd says thanks for making the best dog food on the market
We don't have working dogs, or show dogs, we have rescue dogs. Thanks to Black Gold, we can afford to feed them all!

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Black Gold Dog Food
Dogs Love Us - People Trust Us

We are wholly owned, sourced* & then Made in the USA  -*except our New Zealand Lamb